Herzog and de Meuron – Expo Milano 2015 masterplan

“As a reference for our conceptual masterplan we took the cardo/decumanus orthogonal grid system of the antique roman city. We went for this ‘timeless’ pattern because of its generic openness and its affinity to the ‘Ideal City’. Its strong and simple orthogonal geometry would free all participants from any formal architectural exercises and therefore put more focus on the actual contents of the theme ‘Feeding the Planted, Energy for Life’. We proposed to encourage all participating countries to abandon the idea of individually designed architectural pavilions and instead accept to present their national agricultural landscapes and gardens in simple and basic pavilion structures provided by the organizers. Such a concept would let all participants contribute in an equally important way alongside a generous boulevard. None of the pavilions would be overwhelming, none would bore us through its idiosyncratic design ambition or divert us from the essential content which is expressed in the message ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’. The large boulevard, literally uniting the pavilions of all participating nations, would become a huge, planetary garden with a long table stretching the full length of the boulevard. This table, inspired by Leonardo’s ‘Last Supper’ would become a place for events, for people to meet and come together, symbolically representing a planetary table for all participants.”

orthogonal grid system: hệ thống lưới trục vuông góc

antique roman city: thành phố La Mã cổ

affinity: sự giống nhau về cấu trúc

the ‘Ideal City’


 of Berlin (Francesco di Giorgio Martini – 1477)


of Urbino (Luciano Laurana or Melozzo da Forti)


of Baltimore (Fra Camevale)


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